Mail till forum-spammare

Jag talar antagligen för döva öron, men ibland får man helt enkelt nog av idioterna…


I’m writing to inform you, that you or someone acting on your behalf, is using comment/forum spam as a means to try and market across the Internet. I run an iPhone related forum site and came across answers such as the one below for reference. Needless to say, I have to spend time to moderate and delete this garbage…

You are probably trying to drive traffic and possibly, you are trying to gain Google ranking. I can assure you, that this is a really bad way! If you attain any links this way, traffic is very low and convert bad (few sales). Most of these links are also useless for ranking in Google. Furthermore, if Google detect your methods, they will punish the ranking of your website. Also this will bring bad reputation for your brand.

I strongly advise you to stop this activity, for everybodys sake.
Awaiting your response on these matters.

Best regards
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